Thursday, February 17, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Good Samaritan Hospital, Mt. Vernon, IL

Here are two views of the hospital I was born at in 1955, Good Samaritan Hospital in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.  The first is a postcard circa 1943 and the hospital was called Mt. Vernon Hospital at that time which I never knew.  This picture was taken I believe from the North side.

Mt. Vernon Hosp . 1919 - 1943

Correction (July 4, 2012):  Pointed out to me by a interested reader, the first postcard is actually the Mt. Vernon Hospital operated by Dr. S. A. Thompson between 1919 - 1943 on North Twelfth Street until it became the Good Samaritan Hospital and operated by the Sisters of Saint Francis officially on January 1 1944.  The second postcard below is the second Good Samaritan Hospital built and opened by the Sisters with funding from a number of sources in 1952.  A new Good Samaritan Hospital is being built this year and scheduled to open February 2013.

This second postcard, I believe is dated circa 1959-1960 based on the 1959 Mercury in the picture.  No, I am not an expert on cars, this was noted on the card when I purchased it.  :-)  This picture is taken from the Southeast.

Good Samaritan Hosp - Opened by Sisters of St. Francis 1952

All of my brothers and sisters were also born in this hospital.  Additionally, my twin uncles, Daniel and David Smith were the first twins ever born in the hospital operated by the Sisters of Saint Frances on December 30, 1945,  their picture was hung in the lobby and moved to the new hospital when opened in 1952 and hung there for a number of  years.
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