Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday's Child - Samuel & Josephene Hayes

My great-great grandparents George Washington and Margaret (Howard) Hayes were the proud parents of nine children, but sadly as often happened in those times, only three lived to adulthood.  Brutus, Bristol, Dollie and Ollie all born between 1866 and and 1872 died as infants and if there are headstones they have not been found.  Samuel died at age 2 and Josephene at age 6.  It is unknown how these six children died, and as parents of the twenty-first century we can only imagine the grief and horror of losing six children so young and tragically.  They are buried at South Hickory Hill Cemetery in Jefferson County, IL.

Samuel Carey Hayes (Son of George W. & Margaret)

Josephene Hayes (Daughter of George W. & Margaret)

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