Thursday, October 28, 2010

Those Places Thursday -"Early 30's Garage - Mt. Vernon, IL"

My Great-Grandfather's garage in Mt. Vernon, IL - Robert (Bob) Calvin Smith

Source unknown, clipping has been in the family for some time, but most likely the Mt. Vernon Register News.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Otis Greene Wilson - Jefferson Co, IL

My paternal great-grandfather, buried next to his ex-wife (my great-grandmother), Dora Hayes Wilson Moore and their son Leslie Wilson.  Otis was born in Jefferson County, IL on 23 Apr 1872 and died 16 May 1958 in Napa, CA.  Dora was born 20 Sep 1873 in Jefferson County, IL and died 19 Jan 1941 in the same county.  Their son Leslie was born 18 Sep 1906 and died 14 Jun 1938, both in Jefferson County, IL.  They are buried in South Hickory Hill Cemetery.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Military Monday - WWII - Howard M. Wilson - Of Great Character

My paternal grandfather, Howard Mathis Wilson, was a kind, quiet, hardworking man who was born on a farm in Bonnie, IL on 12 Apr 1909.  He held a number of jobs in his lifetime including farmer, deputy sheriff, and security guard.  He raised his family in Bonnie and when World War II began he wanted to do his part.   In 1943 at age 34, even though he had a wife and four children, he enlisted to do his patriotic duty.  He entered the service as a Private First Class and was assigned to duty clearing roads.  According to an interview with my cousin, Vickie Kane, he felt that he wasn't doing enough, so he lied about his age and tried to get in the paratroopers.  He was turned down and sent to Burma, where he cleared roads and built bridges, an honorable and necessary service.  He told my cousin that he never saw action, but heard gunfights close by.

Joining the service was a hardship on his family; they had to leave their family home and stay with relatives while he was away serving his country.  He never talked much about his war service, but after his death his my aunt related this story to my cousin about his character.  He observed his Sergeant beating one of the native workers who helped out the American troops.  My Grandfather, who had a very strong sense of right and wrong, stepped in to stop the abuse and for this he lost his stripes.  He died on 11 Nov 1994 and his family remembers him with great love and remains very proud of his service and caring attitude.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Diamond M. & Doris C. Smith

My Grandparents - Diamond Milton and Doris (Wade) Smith

Diamond Milton Smith
Born 28 Mar 1910 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL
Died 11 Aug 1997 Mt Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL

Doris Charlotte (Wade) Smith
Born 27 Aug 1913 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL
Died 18 Feb 2005 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL

This post partners with my previous post about  my grandfather's skill as a mechanic.  When he died, a headstone was purchased with a old car etched on the stone in tribute to his many years as a mechanic.  The words on the right read, "Going Home."

Talented Tuesday – Mechanic in the Making

My Grandfather - Diamond Milton Smith

 My Grandfather, Diamond Milton Smith’s destiny was to be a skilled auto mechanic - a trade he worked at his entire life.   He was born on the 28th of March, 1910 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois to Robert Calvin and Verna Ann (Merritt) Smith. His father, Robert (Bob), owned and ran, for a number of years,  one of the first auto mechanic shops in Mt. Vernon.  My grandfather, as well as several of his brothers, worked with their father and learned their trade in the early beginnings of the automobile business.

 I just love this old picture (circa 1920) of my grandfather as a young boy posing in front of an early car.  In the 1960's, he and my grandmother, Doris, moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL where he continued his trade at Slaton Chevrolet on Federal Highway until his retirement in the mid 1970's.  About 1975 they moved back to their hometown in Mt. Vernon, Illinois where he died on 11 Aug 1997.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Madness Monday - Scottish Genes?

Okay, I am finally going to ‘fess up to my genealogical madness.  I want Scottish roots!  Yes, really, that is probably the main reason I started my search in 1993 – I love everything about Scotland.
In fact, the header bar of my blog is from a picture I took from a cemetery on the south side of Loch Ness in Scotland last year.
Have I found any Scottish ancestors?  No, not for certain, but I have a couple I think are of Scottish heritage, but as yet I have no proof.  I have one great-great-great-grandfather I am obsessed with, Joseph McDonald Scott.  Sounds Scottish, right?   His father comes through Tennessee from North Carolina and may or may not be descended from Cherokee Indians.   Sigh....

There are a couple more ancestors of interest, but so far nothing has panned out, but while undertaking this crazy, mad search, along the way I have discovered a lot of important things; one being that I come from a long line of hard-working, family-loving people.  The second is that most of my people have been in this country for a long time, most of them dating back well before the American Revolution.  The third is that I really love genealogy; I love the hunt and the excitement when I discover a new clue or fact about these elusive ancestors.  Getting a genealogical document, like a death certificate, land document or will, makes my heart beat faster. 

What could possibly add to my madness?  Last year – finally - my dear husband Jim took me to Scotland for twelve days – I was in heaven.  I felt like I had come home at last.  The Scottish Highlands including the Isle of Skye are the most beautiful places I have ever seen!  My husband, who hates to travel, had the most wonderful time, and felt a connection to this beautiful country as well.  About six months after we came home, I decided to research his family history, after many years of talking about it.  I discovered so much information about his family in Pennsylvania and Trenton, NJ as I have discussed in my other blog, Rogers Family History

Have you figured out where I'm going with this yet?   I discovered, written in a bio about his great-uncle, that Jim’s great-great-great grandfather, Jonathan Rogers, came to the United States from Scotland between 1790 and 1824!!  I have not yet been able to substantiate this fact, but my husband enjoys adding to my madness daily by crowing about his “Scottishness.”  The rat!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - Wade - Posey County, IN

Wade Genealogy

1.  My Grandmother – Doris Charlotte Wade was born 27 Aug 1913 in Mt Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.  She married Diamond Milton Smith 31 Aug 1934 in Mt. Vernon; they were the parents of five children. She died 18 Feb 2005 also in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.  Children are:

i.                    Mildred Yvonne Smith 1935 - 2003
ii.                  Living Smith
iii.                Living Smith
iv.                Living Smith
v.                  David Glen Smith 1945 - 2006

2.  Her father was Joseph Washington Wade born 7 Sep 1875 Carmi, White County, IL.  He married Charlotte Ruth Banks, daughter of Sarah Eva Talley and Sherman Banks on 24 Apr 1919 in Chester, Randolph County, IL and he died 14 Jan 1942 in Madison County, IL. They were the parents of three children:

i.                    Doris Charlotte Wade 1913 - 2005
ii.                  Mildred Wade 1917 - 1995
iii.                Hugh Joseph Wade 1919 - 1967

3.  Joseph’s father was Joseph R.H. Wade born 1834 in Posey County, IN, married to Elizabeth Pelt, daughter of James and Elizabeth Little Pelt in Posey County, IN 28 Jun 1855.  He died after 1910 probably in Posey County, IN.  They were the parents of ten children:

i.                    Nancy E. Wade 1856 - 1948
ii.                  William E. “Archie” Wade 1858 -
iii.                James Henry Wade 1860-1931
iv.                Sallie J. Wade 1862 -
v.                  Elizabeth Clarissa Wade 1865 –
vi.                Harriett J. Wade 1867 –
vii.              Cornelius Wade 1870 –
viii.            Mary Victoria Wade 1872 –
ix.                Joseph Washington Wade 1875 – 1942
x.                 John R. B. Wade 1879 – 1906

4.  Joseph’s father was Zachariah Thomas Wade born about 4 Mar 1797 in Posey County, IN.  He married Nancy Harriett Underwood, on 5 Nov 1817 in Posey County, IN and they were the parents of eight children:

i.                    Henry Riley Wade 1819 - 1864
ii.                  Thomas C. Wade 1820  - 1877
iii.                Joshua E. Wade 1823 - 1895
iv.                William David Wad 1825 - 1904
v.                  Mary E. Wade 1825 - 1902
vi.                Isaac George Washington Wade 1829 - 1899
vii.              John R. B. Wade 1831 - 1906
viii.            Joseph R. H. Wade 1834 –
ix.                Levi Monroe Wade 1835 – 1913

In 1838 he married Margaret Ann Axton and they were the parents of two children:
x.                   Lucy Ann Wade 1838 –
xi.                1845 - 1868

Friday, October 15, 2010

Funeral Card Friday - Trent Howard Wilson

In Memory of My Brother, Trent Howard Wilson,           2 Dec 1961 - 15 Oct 1988

This is a hard post for me, my brother has been gone for twenty-two years now and it still brings tears to my eyes.  He would have been  forty-nine this December.  He was energetic, fun-loving, loved cars and motorcycles and was well-liked by everyone who knew him.  He is greatly missed by his friends and family. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Sign from Grandma

Now, I know that many would think when talking about treasures, you would expect to see old family jewels, or silver, china or even the family bible.  I don't have any of that from my Grandma, Doris Wade Smith, except for a few pieces of newer jewelry, but what really excited me is the sign I got from the beauty salon that she ran from her home in Mt. Vernon, IL in the 1950's & 60's.  When she died, I helped my mom and aunt clean out her apartment and when I saw this sign, I squealed with excitement!  Oddly, neither of them was interested so it went in my pile.

There were other treasures gleaned from that day, but those are to be revealed at another time.  It's just a crudely painted sign on a thin old board, but to me it's a wonderful memory of days spent at Grandma' "booty shop".  It's something I will treasure forever.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Howard M. Wilson & Alpha Laura Neibel

Howard Mathis Wilson & Alpha Laura Neibel 

My paternal grandparents, Howard Mathis Wilson and Laura Alpha Neibel who married in Kankakee, IL 17 May 1930.
Howard was born 12 Apr 1909, a son of Otis Greene and Lily Dora Hayes Wilson, in Bonnie, Jefferson County, IL.  Alpha was born 30 May 1910, a daughter of Fred Ulysses and Lucy Jane Hunter Neibel, in Harrisburg, Saline County, IL.  Both were working in the Chicago area when the married.  They later returned to the family home in Bonnie, IL.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surname Saturday - Smith - IL

Diamond M. Smith 1910
Updated March 2018
1.  My Grandfather - Diamond Milton Smith was born 28 Mar 1910 in Mt Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.  He married Doris Charlotte Wade 31 Aug 1934 in Mt. Vernon; they were the parents of five children. He died 11 Aug 1997 also in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL. 

i.  Mildred Yvonne Smith 1935 - 2003
ii. Living Smith
iii. Living Smith
iv. Daniel Gale Smith 1945 - 2011
v.  David Glen Smith 1945 - 2006

2.  His father was Robert Calvin Smith born 16 Sep 1888 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL, married Verna Ann Merritt 1909 (IL) and died 31 Oct 1958 in Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County,  FL. They were the parents of eight children:

i.  Diamond Milton Smith 1910 - 1997
ii.  Floyd Richard Smith 1911- 2002
iii. Sidney Robert Smith 1914 - 1916
iv. Claude John Smith - 1915 - 1987
v.  Wilbur Alva Smith 1917 -2005
vi.  Roy Edwin Smith 1921 - 2009
vii. Ralph Smith  1924 - 2016?
viii. Roberta  Smith 1925 - 2017

3.  The father of Robert was Milton Albin (Pappy Dick) Smith born 6 Dec 1863 DeKalb County, IN, married to Mary Frances Scott in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL 2 Mar 1886.  He died 9 Mar 1954 in Mt. Vernon, IL, Jefferson County, IL.  They were the parents of five children:

i.  John Smith 1887 -
ii.  Robert Calvin Smith 1888- 1958
iii.  Milton McDonald Smith 1891-
iv. Dollie Ann Smith 1893 - 1923
v.  Fannie V. Smith 1898 - 1980

4.  Milton's father was Daniel Smith born about 1815 in Pennsylvania.  He married Barbara Ann Wade, daughter of Thomas Noble Wade in June 1847 in Ashland County, OH.  They were the parents of eight children:

i.  Mary Jane Smith 1848 -
ii.  Samuel Thomas Smith 1850 -
iii. Anna M. Smith 1851 -
iv. Franklin Pierce Smith 1854 - 1936
v.  James B. Smith 1856 -
vi. William Smith 1860 -
vii. Milton Albin Smith 1863- 1954
viii. Rosa A. Smith - 1866

Daniel Smith died 24 Jul 1896, Barbara died 28 Mar 1892 both in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.  As yet, nothing further has been discovered about Daniel's origins or parents.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Personal Family History Blog

Well, this is my second blog - I'm sure most people would start their first blog on their own family history, but as I never do things in the usual order, I started my first blog on my husband's family history -  Rogers Family History.  This blog will primarily be to help me sort and document all the information I have on the Wilsons and Smiths, my paternal and maternal surnames and all the other names that are therefore tangled within these names.

My children, my two sons, have up to this point, absolutely no interest in their heritage; however I hold out hope that someday they will appreciate what I have done.  If not, oh well, I have enjoyed the journey!
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