Thursday, August 25, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Downtown Mt. Vernon, IL

Another postcard that I purchased of my hometown of Mt. Vernon, IL - this one is from the West side of the square.  This is the Third National Bank and it is postmarked 1909.  According to Thomas Puckett's book "Mt. Vernon, A Pictorial History, 1991 the address is 101 South Tenth.

This is what this site looks like today:

According to Wall's History of Jefferson County (thanks to cousin Jim Smith for sending me the Google search on this):

The bank was formed by a company of prominent citizens, John R. Allen, A. C. Johnson, D. H. Warren, R. J. Bond, W. C. Arthurs, I. G. Gee Morris Emmerson., L. L. Emmerson and F. E. Patton, who became the directors with others, purchased the Evans and Gee Banking Company and organized the Third National Bank, an institution of which Mount Vernon is justly proud.  John R. Allen was chosen president; A. C. Johnson, vice-president; L. L. Emmerson, cashier; F. E. Patton, assistant cashier, and Charles H. Patton, attorney.  It was organized with a capital stock of fifty thousand dollars and began business February 4, 1902.

In 1903, the Banking Company purchased the Harvey T. Pace Corner, removed the “old land marks" and erected the present magnificent three-story building, in the first floor of which the Third National Bank makes its home, with all the modern improvements of banking.  The building is an ornament to the city, the bank occupying the entire first floor, except an office in the west end occupied by the Electric, Light, Gas, Heat & Water Company.  The second and third stories contain twenty handsome office, the whole outfit being lighted , heated and watered from the city light, heat and water plants.  It is by far the most prominent and commodious business house in the city, and is continuously and fully occupied by many of our best business men.  Other business houses have followed in the wake of the Third National and have taken on the light, heat and water utilities.

The lot where the bank was erected was originally settled by the Maxey family in 1823.  Mr. Maxey built a log house on the site now occupied by the Third National Bank.  Additons were later added and the house stood where it  was originally bult unitl about 1902, when the old building were wrecked to make way for the new building of the Third National Bank. 


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Mt. Vernon, Illinois Town Square View from Courthouse

Another great score from eBay, this postcard was postmarked 1916 and shows the town square view facing south from the Courthouse of my hometown Mt. Vernon, Illinois.
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