Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surname Saturday - Smith - IL

Diamond M. Smith 1910
1.  My Grandfather - Diamond Milton Smith was born 28 Mar 1910 in Mt Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.  He married Doris Charlotte Wade 31 Aug 1934 in Mt. Vernon; they were the parents of five children. He died 11 Aug 1997 also in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL. 

i.  Mildred Yvonne Smith 1935 - 2003
ii. Living Smith
iii. Living Smith
iv. Living Smith
v.  David Glen Smith 1945 - 2006

2.  His father was Robert Calvin Smith born 16 Sep 1888 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL, married Verna Ann Merritt 1909 (IL) and died 31 Oct 1958 in Ft. Lauderdale, Broward County,  FL. They were the parents of eight children:

i.  Diamond Milton Smith 1910 - 1997
ii.  Floyd Richard Smith 1911- 2002
iii. Sidney Robert Smith 1914 - 1916
iv. Claude John Smith - 1915 - 1987
v.  Wilbur Alva Smith 1917 -2005
vi.  Roy Edwin Smith 1921 - 2009
vii. Living Smith  1924 -
viii. Living Smith 1925 -

3.  The father of Robert was Milton Albin (Pappy Dick) Smith born 6 Dec 1863 DeKalb County, IN, married to Mary Frances Scott in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL 2 Mar 1886.  He died 9 Mar 1954 in Mt. Vernon, IL, Jefferson County, IL.  They were the parents of five children:

i.  John Smith 1887 -
ii.  Robert Calvin Smith 1888- 1958
iii.  Milton McDonald Smith 1891-
iv. Dollie Ann Smith 1893 - 1923
v.  Fannie V. Smith 1898 - 1980

4.  Milton's father was Daniel Smith born about 1815 in Pennsylvania.  He married Barbara Ann Wade, daughter of Thomas Noble Wade in June 1847 in Ashland County, OH.  They were the parents of eight children:

i.  Mary Jane Smith 1848 -
ii.  Samuel Thomas Smith 1850 -
iii. Anna M. Smith 1851 -
iv. Franklin Pierce Smith 1854 - 1936
v.  James B. Smith 1856 -
vi. William Smith 1860 -
vii. Milton Albin Smith 1863- 1954
viii. Rosa A. Smith - 1866

Daniel Smith died 24 Jul 1896, Barbara died 28 Mar 1892 both in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.  As yet, nothing further has been discovered about Daniel's origins or parents.


  1. Good info. Thanks for sharing. I am just curious, were Thomas Jasper and Mary Jane; b-1848, twins?

    Best wishes,

  2. Actually, no, that was a typo. He was born in 1850. He is somewhat of a mystery and I actually just changed his name to Saumuel Thomas. There were two people named Thomas in the same county and I was not certain which one was him until just now. As always a work in progress! Thanks for asking!

  3. my name is clint wade son of hugh joseph wade born in granite city ill. i now live in mt vernon ill.


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