Thursday, January 19, 2012

Those Places Thursday - Porter & Bonds Drugs - Mt. Vernon, IL

Another postcard depicting Porter & Bond Drugs in Mt. Vernon, IL on the corner of South Union and Broadway (tenth & Broadway today, see Tom Puckett's book).  I don't remember this drugstore, but I do recognize this building. The first picture is the postcard I purchased and I'm guessing this picture was taken either in the 1930's or 1940's. I'm  not an expert on old cars so any help nailing down the time I would appreciate.

The second picture is a drawing from the June 24, 1893 issue of the Mt. Vernon Daily Register. According to the corresponding article, "Dr. S. S. Porter, of St. Louis, and Rufus J. Bond, are the proprietors of the drug store at the southwest corner of the square.  This firm carries an immense stock of drugs, paints, oils, glass, wall paper and patent medicines.  The resident manager, Mr. Bond, is one of our solid, substantial citizens and is in for everything that will improve Mt. Vernon."

According to William Henry Perrin*  Rufus J. Bond, was born 11 Nov 1847 in Shiloh Township, a son of Michael Bond, a native of North Carolina who came to this county in 1829.  Rufus was educated in Jefferson County and began clerking in the drug store of Samuel S. Porter at the age of twenty-two.  By 1893 he was a partner with a half-interest in the store.

From the Saturday Herald (Decatur, IL) 25 Feb 1888, Porter & Bond was one of the many buildings in Mt. Vernon that was totally destroyed by the cyclone that hit Mt. Vernon on 20 Feb 1888.

*History of Jefferson County Illinois, 1883, Chicago, Globe Publishing Co.

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