Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sepia Saturday #124 - Mt. Vernon, IL Car Manufacturing Co - Car Shops

This postcard shows six (unidentified) workers from the Mt. Vernon, IL Car Manufacturing Co or better known as the "Car Shops."  It's not a miniature train like the one in Sepia Saturday's theme this week, but I thought it would be a great entry anyway.  The car shops manufactured train cars in Mt. Vernon starting in 1890 and lasting for sixty-four years. The first president of the shops was David O. Settlemire; his son-in-law Walter C. Arthurs was his secretary-treasurer.  During its heyday around 1912, 50 cars a day were rolled out.  My own great-grandfather, Joseph W. Wade was for a time a Foreman/Manager at the car shops around 1912- 1928 and was quite prosperous.

Unfortunately, this postcard was not mailed so there is no postmark date.  However, by using the symbol in the upper right hand corner on the back side of the postcard "Cyko" I was able to determine this card was made between 1906 and 1915.

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