Thursday, April 11, 2013

Those Places Thursday - Mt. Vernon, Illinois City Hall ca 1940's

This postcard rendering features the Mt. Vernon, IL City Hall ca 1940's as evidenced by the 1947 postmark.  I've seen a number of postcard views picturing this same building, but I particularly like this one as it features old cars, a man walking up the front steps and you can see the bay doors open on the side street where the fire engines exited.  I remember this building very well from my childhood as I lived quite close, just a couple of blocks away on North Street and walked passed City Hall often.  Grigg's Market was just across the street where my Mother did much of the family's grocery shopping.

Mt. Vernon was such a wonderful place to grow up as a child with it's small hometown feel. You could do just about everything on the town square; get a haircut, go to the bank, shop at the Five and Dime store or go to the movies.  Much has changed though, and like many small towns across America, Mt. Vernon's downtown is much different today from my childhood memories.


  1. I read on GeneaBloggers today (Oct. 8) that it's your 3rd blogiversary, Teresa! Congrats!

  2. Haven't seen a new post in a while. Hoping for an update soon.


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