Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 3: Christmas Ornaments & Triggered Memories

Me (Teresa) Ted & Tracy Christmas 1968
I don't remember us ever having any special ornaments when I was growing up, but when I was perusing old Christmas pictures I noticed a few things about this picture of Christmas 1968.  One is that I am sure this was another artificial tree, but it was bigger and it was green!  The second is that there are two garlands on the tree, one is made out of popcorn and the other of interlocking construction paper strips.  This triggered a memory of sitting at the kitchen table with my Mom, brothers & sister, making these garlands.  Funny how you forget these things, but they are still there buried somewhere.

Me & My 2 Brothers, Sister & 4 Wilson Cousins
I remember other things about this Christmas; I was in the eight grade and was excited because our cousins from Ohio were coming for the Holidays.  We lived in what we thought was a really cool house on a hill on Stanley Avenue in Mt. Vernon, IL (looking back that house was a nightmare - maybe more stories about that later).  My Mom was busy cooking and getting the house ready.  We always had a wonderful time when our cousins came for a visit.  Christmas is always special when spent with family. 


  1. Oh I remember making those construction paper strip garlands. Seems like we made ours in school. When I think of the amount of cutting and gluing we did in those days - anything to keep us busy!!

  2. It's amazing the things adults can dream up to keep kids busy. My closets are full of stuff my kids made me over the years!


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