Sunday, December 18, 2011

Egyptian Hospital - Mt. Vernon, IL

This postcard depicts a short-lived hospital from Mt.Vernon from nearly one hundred years ago.  According to Dr. Charles K. Wells, M.D. in his book, "A. History of Hospitals in Jefferson County, Illinois" the Egyptian Hospital was only in operation between the years of 1909 - 1919.1 It was located in a brick building erected by Mrs. Walter Fly at 106-108 North Eleventh Street.2

It was originally run by Dr. J. W. Hamilton, then eventually taken over by Dr. J. T. Whitlock until 1917 upon the onset of WWI when a number of doctors from Mt. Vernon volunteered to serve with the Armed Forces.  With the failing health of Dr. Whitlock, the hospital was for a short time taken over by Dr. S.A. Thompson until it was turned into the Illinois Hotel sometime before 1920.  It was later torn down and the site became a parking lot.

1 A History of Hospitals in Jefferson County, Illinois.  Dr. Charles K. Wells, M.D.  1993 Azusa Printing, Mt. Vernon, 62864.
2 Mt. Vernon A Pictorial History by Thomas A. Puckett, 1991 G. Bradley Publishing, Inc. United States.

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  1. So many buildings became parking lots . . . Interesting bit of history, Teresa.


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