Thursday, December 22, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Methodist Orphanage - Mt. Vernon, IL

This picture postcard postmarked 1946 is the Methodist Children's Home in my hometown, Mt. Vernon, IL.  I remember as a young girl while in grades three and four having a friend from the orphanage; I couldn't really grasp why she lived there, why she couldn't come to my house for sleepovers, etc.  Looking back as an adult I see  this picture and realize how lucky I was to have two parents and a real home.

The orphanage was relocated to this building in 1921 from Creal Springs.


  1. I never knew any of the kids who lived there, but I always felt sorry for them. It was a sad place. Thanks for sharing the postcard. Your blog is such a great resource for Mount Vernon history!

  2. Thanks, Jane, I wish I had more time to post, I have plenty more to write about. If I could only quit my "paying" job and spend my time on my "fun" jobs I would be a happy girl!

  3. I had family in the early 1900's that lived there because my family couldnt afford to support the kids sense there dad died and left my great great grandmother to take care of them when she couldnt work. We never knew what this place looked like so thank you for sharing it.


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