Thursday, October 28, 2010

Those Places Thursday -"Early 30's Garage - Mt. Vernon, IL"

My Great-Grandfather's garage in Mt. Vernon, IL - Robert (Bob) Calvin Smith

Source unknown, clipping has been in the family for some time, but most likely the Mt. Vernon Register News.


  1. What a great photograph. I'm thinking that at that time people were still transitioning from horse-drawn transportation to automobiles. And yet the mechanics had probably long forgotten horses and were experts at what they did. I wonder if the building where this was photographed still stands.

  2. No, the building is long gone. The garage was moved to a different location by the 1940's. Robert Smith, my great-grandfather was a mechanic in a garage as early as 1920 as this was listed as his occupation in the 1920 Jefferson County, IL census.


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