Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Diamond M. & Doris C. Smith

My Grandparents - Diamond Milton and Doris (Wade) Smith

Diamond Milton Smith
Born 28 Mar 1910 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL
Died 11 Aug 1997 Mt Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL

Doris Charlotte (Wade) Smith
Born 27 Aug 1913 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL
Died 18 Feb 2005 Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL

This post partners with my previous post about  my grandfather's skill as a mechanic.  When he died, a headstone was purchased with a old car etched on the stone in tribute to his many years as a mechanic.  The words on the right read, "Going Home."


  1. I love the monuments that express something about the individual. I may have never known them personally, but it gives me a special insight into their lives and personalities.

  2. It's beautiful, Teresa, but I think you transposed Dime's birth year in your verbiage. It should be 1910, instead of 1901, or at least that's that the stone says. I always liked Dime a lot, and I thought he had the coolest name ever.

  3. You are correct Patrick, thank you for pointing out that I transposed the numbers. I always loved my Grandfather's name as well; my brother Todd's middle name is Diamond, too. I could kick myself now for not continuing the name with my own two sons.


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